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Have you ever tried to clean your own carpet of upholstery? It's hard work and often leaves a heavy chemical smell for days. Many consumer fabric cleaners can actually ruin intricate patterns and dyes in couches and sofas.

We offer a budget friendly alternative. Our team of experienced steam cleaners can clean your carpet and upholstery without leaving a chemical smell, without damaging your carpet or furniture, and without you having to do anything

Our cleaners use state of the art steam cleaning equipment that is tough on dirt but gentle on fabrics and fibers. We never use the harsh, abrasive, and often toxic chemicals, common to consumer carpet cleaners. Our skilled professionals with their high quality equipment are more than a match for any stain or odor..

Our steam cleaning service also never leaves behind any track marks or trails on carpets and upholstery. Instead of leaving a cleaning with a damp chemical smell, our cleaners leave every cleaning with a fresh smell and dry upholstery and carpets. There is no need to fence off an area for days or weeks after we have cleaned.

Our professionals want you to be completely satisfied with their work. They will stay until you are 100% happy with the cleaning you received. Unlike other cleaning services, our invoices are easy to read and will match what you are expecting to pay. There are no hidden fees or costs with us. When you call us to schedule a cleaning a member of our team will go over with you your options.

We offer the following services: Commercial Deep Steam Cleaning, Residential Deep Steam Cleaning, Upholstery Steam Cleaning, and Carpet Steam Cleaning.

We also offer either regularly scheduled or one-time only cleanings

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